Past Events

SIMPATIC Research Workshop on Assessing the Impact of Science Funding in Europe

27 January 2015 @Bruegel, Brussels

How to get more value from funding science is a recurrent theme in Europe.  We still have very little evidence to support this debate.  Building further on SIMPATIC’s work on assessing the impact of innovation funding, this workshop aims to help kickstart such a European platform. It will bring together three types of stakeholders (academics, granting agencies and host institutes) through 3 pilot local clusters (Leuven, Lausanne and Strasbourg), other clusters that are early followers and other interested institutes and researchers to join the project in the medium term. The programme will consists of the pilots presenting their set up, first results and roadmap for the next steps, a panel discussion with lead academics, representatives from granting agencies and host institutes as well as science policy makers at national and EU level, mapping needs and constraints.

The programme


The presentations are available below.


  •  Presentation of the KU Leuven pilot: Reinhilde Veugelers, KU Leuven & Bruegel; Otto Toivanen, KU Leuven. Other team members: Cindy Lopes Bento, KU Leuven; Stijn Kelchtermans, KU Leuven


European Energy and Climate Strategy beyond 2020(20) workshop

1st October 2015 ,12h00 @Bruegel, Brussels

The EU is updating its energy strategy with new targets for 2030 and the intention to create an Energy Union.

At this event we want to discuss the quantitative headline targets for 2030* but also the instruments to reach such targets and at the same time create an Energy Union.

*(Commission proposal: 27% renewables, 30% energy efficiency and 40% greenhouse-gas reduction)

The presentations are available below.


  • 12:00: Registration
  • 12:15: Presentation Georg Zachmann: Elements of Europe’s Energy Union 
  • 12:45: Comments by Jesse Scott, Eurelectric
  • 13:00: Comments by Daniel Fuerstenwerth, Agora-Energiewende
  • 13:15: Discussion
  • 13:45: Lunch


Presentation by Georg Zachmann

Presentation by Jesse Scott

Presentation by Daniel Fuerstenwerth



2nd SIMPATIC Annual Conference

Date: April 2 – 4, 2014 To read the programme click here. Location April 2: CPB-Van Stolkweg 14, The Hague

View Larger Map Location April 3 – 4: Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs- Bezuidenhoutseweg 73, The Hague View Larger Map