Paul Zagamé

Professor Paul Zagamé (senior), Civil engineer, Ph.D and Aggregation in Economics, Emeritus Professor at the University of Paris I. As Scientific Director of ERASME team, he experienced the Building and the Utilization of Applied Modelling. He was involved in the building of European Models HERMES, NEMESIS and GEM E3. Regarding research matters, he conducted the endogenization of technical change in the NEMESIS and GEM E3 models and the assessment of R&D-based policies. He coordinated the EUROPEAN FP7 DEMETER project that aimed at improving the analysis of Innovation in Modelling by a cooperation between Specialists of Innovation and Modellers. He has participated to numerous European projects focusing on economic modelling and technological change (NEMESIS, NEMESIS-ETC, GEM-E3, TECH-GEM, DYN-GEM, MIRAGE), environment (GECCS, MINIMA-SUD, MODELS, THRESHOLDS, MATISSE, FORASSET), energy (CASCADES-MINTS, MENGTECH) and land use (PLUREL, MATISSE, SENSOR).