Recent contributions to SIMPATIC research

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Several contributions, both in form of academic articles and presentations, have recently been made to SIMPATIC research.


  • Tuomas Takalo, Tanja Tanayama and Otto Toivanen, 2012, Market failures and the additionality effects of public support to private R&D: Theory and empirical implications, International Journal of Industrial Organization, forthcoming
  • Takalo, Tuomas, 2012, Rationales and instruments for public innovation policies. Journal of Review on Global Economics 1, pp. 157-167
  •  Tuomas Takalo, Tanja Tanayama and Otto Toivanen, 2013, Estimating the benefits of targeted R&D subsidies, The Review of Economics and Statistics, 2013, 95, 1


  • Otto Toivanen, Evaluation of R&D Support Schemes in TAFTIE academy 24.1.2013, Brussels
  • Otto Toivanen, Innovation Policy and its Effects in Evaluation of R&D tax credits – seminar, Finnish Ministry of Finance, 7.2.2013, Helsinki